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    NB Kitsap-Bremerton, WA - Chaplain

    The Naval Station Bremerton Chaplains Office offers a fully inclusive religious activities program. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the available programs. All personnel is invited to make your religious needs known. Information about other faith groups and services is available from the command Chaplains office.

    Contact the staff of the Naval Hospital Bremerton Eternal Medicine Clinic for further information on their religious activities.

    Contact the CREDO staff for more information on the various retreat opportunities and other services they offer.

    Regional Duty Chaplain is available at: 360-396-4800/4864

    Office location: Building 503A (Chaplains Alley) on the back of Fire Station #2 and across from the soccer field. The command Chapel is located across the street and is a National Historic Landmark.

    Normal weekday office hours: 0730-1600

    Scheduled Sunday Chapel Services:

    Masses: Sunday 0900 and 1130, and Weekdays 1145.
    All Masses are conducted at the Jackson Park Chapel (90 Olding Rd Bremerton, WA 98312).
    Religious education classes for grades 1-12, meet middle of September through May.
    Preparation for First Confession and First Communion is held annually. Confirmation (grades 11 and 12) is held every other year.

    Baptism: Parents are required to attend one instructional class offered each month.
    Date must be arranged with the Roman Catholic Priest.

    Marriage: Give yourself six months to prepare for this Sacrament.
    Contact the Roman Catholic Priest for arrangements.

    In addition, the Chapel offers marriage preparation workshops, marriage enrichment seminars, and the Chaplains Religious Development Operation (CREDO), a program which aims to promote personal and spiritual development in Sea Service personnel and their family members.

    Worship services Sundays at 0900 at the Bangor facility (2900 Ohio Street Silverdale, WA 98315),
    with special seasonal services as appropriate.
    Religious education - Sunday school is held at 0900 from September through June.
    A Women’s Bible class meets on Wednesdays at 1100 from September through June.

    Roman Catholic Daily Mass: 1140/Mondays and Fridays
    Rite of Christian Initiation Adults: 1900/Tuesdays
    Continuous Adult Religious Education (CARE): In-home

    Religious Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling during normal weekday hours. Call for off-duty hours appointments.

    Kids Club: 1545-1645/Tuesdays (Bible stories, group activities and singing during the school year);
    Mom's Bible Study: 0930-1100/Tuesdays;
    Marriage Preparation and Pre-Cama: Scheduled monthly for two days (Thursdays and Fridays for the entire day).

    "Building Happy Marriages": Scheduled monthly on two days (Thursdays and Fridays for the entire day).

    "Twilight Theater": Every Thursday night (1700-2100) offering free video movie showings and pizza.

    "Drop-in Center": A relaxed living room atmosphere offered during normal weekday hours. Provides a large screen TV, CD-ROM player, VCR and box games. Light refreshments are available for serving